Environmental Sustainability

In Australia, cooling and heating requirements can account for up to 40% of residential electricity use.
The design of effective cross ventilation in and around residential dwellings and office towers can lower ambient and surface temperatures and reduce energy consumption. This in turn reduces the impact of climate change and lessens CO² emissions.
AKL FlowDesigner can complete fast and accurate simulations using specific locations and associated climate data for cities, towns, suburban and rural areas throughout Australia. These simulations help to determine the extent of heating and cooling required for all forms of development as well as the comfort of the inhabitants.

Simulations for Architectural Design

Airflow simulation used to be a complex and time-consuming task requiring deep technical knowledge. However,
AKL FlowDesigner
is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software that enables wind and thermal analysis by easily importing 3D models of buildings, landscapes or public realm areas designed in programs including SketchUp®, Autodesk Revit®, Graphisoft ArchiCAD®, and Rhinoceros®.

Architects, designers, planners, engineers and consultants can use AKL FlowDesigner in the early stages of the design process to understand and visualize air flow through and around their projects. Early analysis increases design efficiencies and helps to demonstrate compliance with statutory controls and rating systems.  Dynamic and visually stunning interactive outputs help to communicate key matters to clients, governments, decision makers and the community.

Simple to Use

Easy to learn intuitive user interface and ability to import from BIM software such as Autodesk Revit®, SketchUp®, ArchiCAD®, etc. No programming skills required.

Fast and Accurate

Simulations completed in minutes make it possible to run multiples assessments throughout the entire design process.

Stunning Visuals

Visuals that not only allow you to truly understand the simulations, but also communicate the outcomes using a range of graphical techniques.

Airflow Analysis

AKL FlowDesigner provides fast and accurate cross ventilation and wind simulations for all forms of exterior urban environments and internal building spaces. The software has the ability to apply materials based on their visual and thermal properties to see how proposed designs will function in terms of resultant heat, thermal comfort and required mechanical ventilation by:

  • Determining the speed and direction of air flow
  • Understand heating and cooling patterns
  • Providing cross ventilation analysis
  • Utilising Airflow "ribbons" to visualise wind behaviour
  • Testing both interior and exterior spaces within the same simulation

Thermal Comfort Analysis

AKL FlowDesigner provides a range of optional add-ons including a Solar Analysis module which can determine the thermal comfort for both the interiors and exteriors of a proposed project. The orientation, design and siting of building structures not only provides an improved environment for occupants, but it can also reduce a developments contribution to the heat island effect. This analysis can be applied to small lot designs, terraces, medium and high density dwellings not just in isolation but also as part of a subdivision or broader precinct. This analysis considers a number of factors including the following:

  • Solar radiation profiles based on a projects geographic location
  • A wide variety of climatic variables including ambient temperature, relative humidity, and wind direction (including EPW files)
  • Efficiency of mechanical heating and cooling systems based on the size and capacity of various air conditioning units
  • Internationally recognised comfort and livability standards such as PMV and PPD as referenced by the groups such as ASHRAE

Amazing Features

AKL FlowDesigner is very different from other CFD software solutions, with a rich set of features to support ease of use, while offering fast and robust analysis.

  • Easily imports files from Revit®, SketchUp®, and ArchiCAD® including industry standard files such as STL and IFC
  • Exports 3D outputs which can be used in programs including Lumion, Verge 3D, and Sketchfab
  • Provides multiple ways to input or import climatic data
  • Runs on a stand alone computer without requiring intensive online resources
  • Allows customisable properties for building materials such as density, reflectivity, and conductivity considered and many others.   

Proven Track Record

AKL (Advanced Knowledge Laboratory, Inc.) was established in Japan in 1998. Since it's release, AKL FlowDesigner has enjoyed extensive use in a variety of Universities, Corporations and Research Institutions across Japan. These groups specialise in architecture, engineering and environmental studies and include the following:

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